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We are excited to announce the creation of a new professional community of educators who work with (post-)graduate students, the Consortium on Graduate Communication. The Consortium will provide a venue for discussion and sharing of programs, strategies, and materials to support all graduate students, including international/ESL students. The Consortium is independent of TESOL, but we would like to invite you to join if you are interested in this growing area of research and practice.

To join, please fill out this form.

The middle part of the form asks for information about your university’s programs for graduate students. As you’ll see on the first page, we have IRB approval to collect this data for research if you give consent. We’d like to compile a database of support programs, which we hope will be useful to all of us as we advocate for best practices at our different institutions. This section is optional — you just need to complete the first and third pages to join the consortium — but we hope you will answer it as the data should be fascinating!

There is no membership fee at this time. All educators who work with graduate students are welcome to join (but please note this is not a forum for graduate students themselves, unless they are also working in an IEP, Writing Center, or other support service for fellow grads).

We will use your membership forms to establish a new listserv soon, and then we can start discussing the possibility of future colloquia.

So, please join us in the Consortium as we put graduate education on the professional map!


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